Reproduction Services

We offer a range of services to help breeders to achieve success in producing healthy puppies and happy mothers.

In-house progesterone testing and vaginal smears to ensure timing is correct. We suggest taking a progesterone sample and vaginal smear around day seven after the bitch comes into season. If in doubt then check earlier to avoid missing a bitch that does not show an obvious season.

We have a lot of experience with caesarean sections and aim to send the bitch and puppies home with you as soon as it is safe to do so, to minimise stress.

  • Elective caesareans.

  • Infertility investigations.

  • Irregular season investigations.

  • Pregnancy ultrasound.

  • Vaginal and trans-cervical insemination.

  • Export certification.

  • Puppy examination and vaccination.

  • Surgery on young animals when needed for conditions such as hernias.

  • Pyometra investigation and treatment.

  • Puppy husbandry advice.

  • Worming advice.

  • Mastitis treatment – mastitis is an emergency that may be fatal if it isn’t treated quickly.

To discuss 'Reproductive Services' please phone the practice or send us an email.

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